Post-Release Follow Up

Our commitment to your health care doesn't end once you have been discharged from the hospital, as we will continue to check in while you are on the road to recovery. We always schedule timely hospital discharge follow-up.

Hospital Follow Up

Our providers maintain close contact with the hospitalists at Lakes Region General Hospital to provide continuity of care. This gives the patients of Laconia Internal Medicine the peace of mind that their records will stay up-to-date, and that they are receiving the best possible care from the outstanding staff at the Lakes Region General Hospital.


If your health condition requires medication(s), our physicians in Laconia NH are able to write a prescription for you to be filled at the pharmacy of your choice.

Annual Physicals & Exams

With timely and properly administered testing, we can detect many issues before they become a real problem. Our annual physicals and exams will help diagnose any health concerns you may have, and give us the chance to detect any warning signs that your body may be giving for an underlying issue. Early detection of a problem is always the key to a fast recovery, and prevention is really the best cure. Call our Lakes Region Doctor's Office at 603.524.9201 to make an appointment for your blood work and physical exams.

College Immunizations and Physical Exams

We are a convenient option in the Lakes Region for any immunization or physical exams required by nationwide universities and many employers. Call 603.524.9201 to schedule your appointment for your physical exam or college immunization shots in Laconia NH.

Follow Up with Your Specialist Doctors

If your health condition requires the expertise of any Specialist Doctor(s), we can refer you to trusted members of our vast network of Doctors and Specialists. At your request, we will send a report of your visit to your Specialist Doctors via a secure email or fax, and keep them informed of any changes in your health. We believe that open and accurate communication is the key component to any successful medical plan.

Adult Medical Care

Our board certified physicians are experienced in treating adult patients 18+ to the elderly. We are family friendly, and have treated several generations within many families in the Lakes Region. To find out why so many families trust us, call 603.524.9201 to schedule your appointment in our Laconia NH Doctor's Office.

Lab Work

We facilitate the collection of all samples necessary for your lab work to be completed in a timely manner. The results are given back promptly and professionally, and we are always happy to schedule an appointment to go over any questions that you may have in person.

Urgent Care

From acute illness due to virus or infection, to minor wounds and other injuries, we offer fast and affordable treatment options right in our Doctor's Office in Laconia, NH. Our convenient location next to the Lakes Region General Hospital allows for quick access to the Emergency Room if we are unable to perform the necessary procedures in our office.