Treatment Available for Respiratory Infections in Laconia NH

As the seasons change to the colder months, we see an increase in the treatment of Respiratory Infections in our Laconia NH Doctor's Office. Although they occur all year round, the months of September through March are the most prevalent time for people to come down with an infectious respiratory illness.

Upper respiratory infections are responsible for the most patient visits in our Lakes Region doctor's office. In fact, respiratory infections are the most common illnesses leading to missing work and school in the entire U.S..

Symptoms include runny nose, post nasal drip, sore throat, persistent cough, and also may include difficulty with breathing. General fatigue, lethargy, and difficulty or inability to perform daily activities are the general outcome of an untreated respiratory infection. Prompt recognition and treatment of the ailment will always bring a more favorable outcome than if you choose to wait.

Call 603.524.9201 to schedule your appointment today if you are experiencing any symptoms of upper respiratory infections in Laconia NH.